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  • Caring Gurl7
    Caring Gurl7

    1 reason u should move its an impulse u should follow^-^OMGGG U SHOULD GET A TAROT READING WETHER U SHOULD OR NOT

  • Caring Gurl7
    Caring Gurl7

    Write a beliefs And non-beliefs and put things that aren’t true or would like to not be true on non beliefs and on the beliefs put u can eat bagels and dairy without pain and whatever u would like to manifest:)) pls🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Cali girl’s Dream
    Cali girl’s Dream

    Costs a much a many bucks

  • Serena Ellis
    Serena Ellis

    the internet is not real but Emma always is. love watching her

  • Hairy Styles
    Hairy Styles

    Ik you said to say a reason not to move to New York but you should move to New York!! You should move New York because YOU love it and you can just walk around!!

  • Emily Gutierrez
    Emily Gutierrez

    Ms girl it seems like the best idea for you move!!!!

  • vibe_aesthic vetense
    vibe_aesthic vetense

    move to new york bc you seem happy there and its looks nice and idk you liek stuff there so GIRL MOVE THERE I BETTER SEE THE NEXT VID BE I MOVED TO NEW YORK

  • idali martinez
    idali martinez

    I love how she popped off and said the internet wasn’t real 😆😆🥳🥳because it’s so true

  • halley gamewell
    halley gamewell

    does anyone know what lip plumper she uses

  • kingkiwi. br
    kingkiwi. br

    No move to NY follow your gut especially if u feel mentally at ease there

  • María Areyán
    María Areyán

    omg that scarf is so cute

  • Sofia Anttila
    Sofia Anttila

    we love independent Emma! :)

  • Madison Menefee 'student'
    Madison Menefee 'student'

    Just get a small apartment or studio ny!! then you can always visit and have a place to stay. maybe rent as an air bnb during the months you are not there

  • J X H R E E
    J X H R E E

    It’s not a bad idea just move there😂😂😂

  • Maes Aesthetics
    Maes Aesthetics


  • katiemartin13

    It’s colder in NY than in LA. Stay in LA. But in the end it’s your decision.

  • Lauren O’Malley
    Lauren O’Malley

    don’t move bc then you won’t have it as an escape

  • Stump Kitchen
    Stump Kitchen

    the bagel cramps!!!!!

  • Noor Alvi
    Noor Alvi

    Girlllllll you should move to nyc You are clearly much more happier here

  • hejniol

    I love it, you feel so happy and so calm and a friend of yourself. I wasn’t expecting that beautiful atmosphere

  • strawberryswag

    twin flame,, words of wisdom lol & i love u

  • Kylie O.
    Kylie O.

    reason: rats.

  • Tylina cookman-
    Tylina cookman-


  • Just Summer
    Just Summer

    when Emma’s ad comes on her vid: 👁👄👁

  • Bryanna Reyna
    Bryanna Reyna

    I’m excited to see who Emma ends up dating I’m honestly curious as to what her type is

  • Anna Júlia de Lucena Nastrini
    Anna Júlia de Lucena Nastrini

    omggg ily

  • Nyc Fuxkingfree
    Nyc Fuxkingfree

    bro Emma. You belong here

  • X_Zippy

    I sall u in a ad before the vid xd

  • Lcveley

    Ok EMMA... I

  • Kaitlyn Sayers
    Kaitlyn Sayers

    People who don’t believe she walked 20,000 miles 🤡🤡

  • a y
    a y

    what foundation is she using? at 07:10

  • Úna

    ok 55f is a literal warm, glorious day in Ireland

  • Freya

    did u just say that 55 degrees is freezing!! It's -1 degrees today in Britain 🤠

  • Lillian McCoy
    Lillian McCoy

    Girllll go eat at a deli what are you doing 😭😭

  • MK Wilson-Rodriguez
    MK Wilson-Rodriguez

    Can’t wait for Emma to move to New York and love her best life

  • Danielle Wolford
    Danielle Wolford

    please move to new york!!!

  • Dayana Assaly
    Dayana Assaly

    To new York

  • valen argenti
    valen argenti

    te amo

  • Raoul Herskovits
    Raoul Herskovits

    Look at influencers in NYC vs the rest of america or really east coast vs west coast. You can see the difference: californians are nice but not kind, new yorkers are kind but not nice. It's a harsher place but far less toxic. Move here, I really recommend it.

  • Amber Solis
    Amber Solis

    Please get a heated blanket! I feel like you’d like it a lot:)

  • Tiare Guzman
    Tiare Guzman

    Move to New York!!

  • Tiare Guzman
    Tiare Guzman

    This was amazing

  • Tiare Guzman
    Tiare Guzman

    I literally love ur energy

  • Tara

    I love you i love you i LOVE you

  • Echa Kiut
    Echa Kiut

    You just eat coffe???? What in the world

  • Misscarliej m
    Misscarliej m

    This is so funny cause in Oregon when it’s 50-60 degrees out it’s t shirt weather lol

  • justanotherperson

    was going to comment about how damn much emma was walking in nyc but i didnt realize just HOW much. 20,000 miles yall-

  • Chloe Brett
    Chloe Brett

    move for like 6 months only! it will be worth it and you won't get sick of it then

  • talthebottle

    reason: I still need to see you

  • Momo Talbot
    Momo Talbot

    Emma: I kept walking, I just kept walking Me: Emma is becoming Frrest Gumb

  • Leela Davis
    Leela Davis

    One reason I would NOT move back to New York is that I am not rich enough to really enjoy New York. But EMMA you ARE, so do it! You will make some wonderful friends. Native San Franciscans and New Yorkers are opposite sides of the same coin. Do IT! Move and enjoy your life!

  • K Jayanth
    K Jayanth

    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

  • Regina Hay
    Regina Hay

    Emma was meant to be a New Yorker

  • Gillian Klein
    Gillian Klein

    Why is she traveling in a pandemic

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    Which hotel is this??? I love the bathroom 🤩

  • Mary Bowen
    Mary Bowen

    don't move to new york all your friends are in LA

  • Allbeautylab

    Nah,dont move to NYC because you'll spoil the fun. Instead, preplan to travel to NYC once a month for a few days to keep that momentum and have something to look forward to in NYC

  • Mari Ray
    Mari Ray

    Only Emma can be in the ad that plays before her own video ❤️

  • Faith

    What a fucking goal. Going to New York just bc you can? The dream.

  • Shantel Hernandez
    Shantel Hernandez

    I get tweety bird vibes the orange hattt

  • lowkeyscaredofyou_doge

    emma is my spirit animal.

  • Morgan spillman
    Morgan spillman


  • friendship is irish bomb
    friendship is irish bomb

    emma: comment one reason why I shouldn't move here to convince me to not move here the comments: she should move there in New York but all jokes aside, she's genuinely happy, very active and enjoying her quality time alone in NYC so if that makes her more happier than being in LA then she might as well move :)) she also felt free walking in the streets confidently and comfortably, and it's good that she's enjoying every moment of it and I just wish the best for her

  • NuclearWinter

    You know it’s cold when you have to put on a scarf and it’s not for the outfit

  • Isabella gaming
    Isabella gaming

    emma how do you get lost in new york it’s a grid system-

  • Dulce Henelly Rodriguez
    Dulce Henelly Rodriguez

    you should move to new york

  • isabella marks
    isabella marks


  • Sanaz Ghaed
    Sanaz Ghaed

    You shouldn’t move bc California’s sun hits different

  • Sofi Ruda
    Sofi Ruda

    i love her sooo much

  • jeri flores
    jeri flores

    BROOO EVERY TIME I WATCH EMMA CHAMBERLAIN I ALLLLLWAYS SEE HER IN ADSSS I mean no hate like you go girl but its funny 🤣

  • Marley Page
    Marley Page

    emma u better have blasted empire state of mind ✋🏻

  • Eric Bauer
    Eric Bauer

    I got a Emma Chamberlain comersial on this video

  • isabella decastro
    isabella decastro

    Move to New York

  • Rachelperry74

    Just move to Missouri and find yourself a country boy

  • Y / N
    Y / N

    Emma. this is your sign to move to New York

  • brianna :]
    brianna :]


  • Bree Stombaugh
    Bree Stombaugh

    This is the first video of yours that I have watched and I am hooked! Also, I just moved out of New York after 5 years, but it is the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD and you really should do it. LA sucks. 😁✌🏼❤️

  • Perla Molina
    Perla Molina

    I want to be Emma when I’m older.

  • AndrewPlayzz

    1 reason is there is a high possibility of death (I have lived in nyc since birth I would know)

  • victoria a
    victoria a

    Sis I’m from new England area and i drink iced coffee on -11• weather 😂

  • biana

    55 degrees for new york means tshirts and shorts whatttt thats crazy

  • Tina

    lmao she thinks 12 degrees celsius is cold, girlll it's april n it's 0 degrees in switzerland i wanna kill myself

  • Callie Babb
    Callie Babb

    Wait what happened to her cat?

  • Antoinette Steele
    Antoinette Steele

    So sorry about your tummy issues. #crohnsgurl Glad you got out & enjoyed your day💜

  • Emily -
    Emily -

    Her own add in her video✨ ICONIC ✨

  • Alyson Philbert
    Alyson Philbert

    Emma in NY is stellar. She sound and looks so HAPPPPY

  • Jaiden M
    Jaiden M

    We loveeeee getting a Pacsun ad with u in it on YOUR videos!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha Leigh 💛
    Samantha Leigh 💛

    okay but can we see a skin care routine?? your skin cleared up SO much and looks amazing!

  • Samantha Leigh 💛
    Samantha Leigh 💛

    him so excited to sub to you on youtube then him seeing you have 10 mil lol :')

  • Kyra

    Hmm maybe if the bagel upsets your stomach you are gluten sensitive or lactose intolerant. You should get an allergy/ blood test.

  • lilliana estrada
    lilliana estrada

    When Emma is her own ad 🥱

  • blyko vybezz
    blyko vybezz

    me: clicks on emma's video ad: of emma pairing sneakers me: woahhhh

  • Faiza A
    Faiza A

    aidan gallagher" looks like her litterally!!!

  • Natalia Squeo
    Natalia Squeo

    PLEASE move to new york and be friends with suede brooks and victoria!!!!

  • Ilhan Adan
    Ilhan Adan

    I could see Emma moving to New York

  • • Sara •
    • Sara •

    not the emma chamberlain ad right before the emma chamberlain video lol

  • Alli MxElizabeth
    Alli MxElizabeth

    This is so funny to me bc being from PA, we have weather this cold all the time. I usually wear pants/leggings and a hoodie with no shirt underneath & will be perfectly fine. Meanwhile, there’s Emma over here with 15+ layers 😂

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams

    Fucking finally lmaooooooooo

  • Julia Bates
    Julia Bates

    Move to New York 100%